Office Coffee


Premium Coffee

Solis Vending brings the best coffee products and experience into your workplace. We offer freshly brewed pots of your favorite coffee brands to fully automated beverage-vending equipment. We provide everything you need to keep your office break room stocked and your refreshments enjoyable.

 Quality office coffee service and products mean you can provide your employees, and guests, with a coffeehouse experience that will make a difference in their day.


No hassle, no stress, and all in the convenience of your office break room! Let us take care of everything. Office productivity is at its best when your people have easy access to a quality office coffee service.


That first cup of coffee, tea, or other delicious, soothing beverage…

Is just about as important as anything we do in the morning to start the day off right. Some of us like to add a favorite creamer or sweetener while others prefer it “full strength.” Either way, there’s something really special about that first cup. It not only brings us together, it says, “you’re ready to go!”

Providing your employees with a high quality coffee service represents a winning situation for everyone! It eliminates the need for people to stop somewhere on the way to work, or leave during a break. 



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