Full Vending Services

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Vending Programs

Solis Vending provides vending services customized to meet the needs of any business large or small. We carry all your favorite snacks and beverages, while offering healthful products and fresh, locally-sourced foods whenever possible.

Our innovative and energy efficient equipment is customized for your location.



Traditional Vending

Traditional vending service is where your employees will pay the full price for the food or beverages we deliver. There is no cost to you. All equipment is innovative, energy efficient and reliable. The vending machines are installed and services at no charge to your company.



Free Vending

Free Vend means your company pays the cost for the goods, snacks and refreshments, delivered at your request, leaving the entire costs in the employer’s hand. We can customize a vending program depending on your needs and budget.

Subsidized and Free Vend do represent an added expense to the company, but many companies consider it an additional benefit that they offer their employees and guests because it shows how much they are valued leading to higher morale and increasing productivity.


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